INTERFACE is a two-site project linking Hastings and Oudenaarde and marks the 20th anniversary of the twinning links between the towns. It is an integral part of the visual arts programme within Hastings Borough Council's annual arts festival Coastal Currents and also references Oudenaarde Biennial (2001-2009). Hastings based artists have been invited to work in Oudenaarde while practitioners from France, Belgium and the UK are locating temporary interventions and events in Hastings and St Leonards.

INTERFACE focuses on new works and re-interpretations through performance, sound, moving image, installation, painting, photography and sculptural interventions. All the artists are working in unfamiliar territories and through their actions are proposing new 
interpretations of local environments and raising questions about the way spaces are negotiated. As an artists' collaboration, INTERFACE aims to animate the public space, encourage participation and change the perception of the familiar. It also encourages critical dialogue and on-going partnerships between the artists.