Artists exhibiting in Hastings

Chloe Brooks lives and works in Bristol, her practice is inspired by the architecture and history of the site and her sculptural interventions aim to create a dialogue with their surroundings. Brooks proposes to install a polished concrete 'classical' column, leaning against a golden holographic wall surface, in the Harold Place underpass. The work calls attention to the 1930s seafront structures and creates a connection with the high Victorian order of the town's architecture. Accessible 24/7

The Reading Room at 12 Claremont is the location for Bertrand Gadenne's rear projection L'Hibou (the Owl). Gadenne lives and works in Lille-Hellemmes and is a lecturer at École des Beaux-Arts de Dunkerque. This rear projected installation is integrated with the urban environment and creates a fiction which establishes a chance relationship between the image and viewer. This over-sized bird's presence in the public space will exercise a simultaneous power of attraction and repulsion over passers-by. Accessible from dusk to dawn

Stroll down Bottle Alley to move laterally along 'The Colonnade of Expectation' until 'The Centre for moving around a lot' is reached in the old beach office site on St Leonards lower promenade . These interconnected actions by Bob and Roberta Smith challenge the viewer to become an active participant as they are encouraged to rearrange the assorted objects in 'The Centre for moving around a lot' in order to make a fluid and ever changing display. Bob and Roberta Smith lives and works in London and Ramsgate, his practice is local and international.'The Centre for moving around a lot' will be open from Thursday - Sunday 12.00-18.00

Sebastien Seynaeve's video installation is also located in the old beach office. Seynaeve recently graduated from the MA in Digital Media Art at University of Brighton and previously studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Art, Oudenaarde. His video installation, 'Magnetic Observers', combines the use of computer technologies and the surrounding environment to affect the experience of the audience. The main theme of Seynaeve's installation is visibility versus invisibility and this is expressed by the use of light, darkness and electricity. 
Cécile Colle}{Ralf Nuhn live and work in Roubaix and London while working on projects and exhibitions throughout Europe. Their current research explores the potential of using behaviours and strategies of parasites as models for sculptural propositions in the built environment and how these interventions might resonate with architectural, urban, historical and sociocultural issues. Colle}{Nuhn's ParaSites will be located in and around Kings Road, St Leonards, giving audiences the possibility of activating these sonic and visual interventions. Accessible 24/7

Robbrecht Desmet and Stijn Van Dorpe live and work in Gent, they both teach at Oudenaarde's Royal Academy of Fine Art. They are producing a collaborative intervention for INTERFACE, located at the former St Leonards Bathing Pool site in West St Leonards. In the context of this project, they are trying to define ways of opening up a space, physically or conceptually, of potentiality through artistic strategies. Their ambition to do this came initially from the context of the Hastings environment but has gradually evolved into an outspoken artistic gesture which may fall back into the framework of the place. Accessible 24/7   

Karel Thienpont lives and works in Oudenaarde. His intervention, Historia, links Hastings and Oudenaarde through a series of postcards, available in both towns, that are inspired by 'picturecards' that Thienpont remembers from childhood. The particular picturecard he references depicts a historical scene where Queen Mathilde, wife of William of Normandy (later William the Conqueror), embroiders the Bayeaux Tapestry. The picturecard was from a series s' Land Glorie and aimed to popularise the history of Belgium through images of heritage and culture. Historia brings Belgian popular culture to Hastings and creates a shared memory for Oudenaarde's public.